Standardist is a set of free tools, for architects and engineers using revit, dynamo and excel to create automated building specifications documents.

i developed it for a project in my office générale. the name “Standardist” was suggested by françois lichlté because the dynamo graphic way of programming reminded him of the former standardistes.

the aim of this set of tools is to take full advantage of the rigorous skills required to design with a bim program by using it to link data of the 3D model to specifications and estimates documents.

i am an architect, not a programmer. my first aim is to use it and update it according to my needs.  but maybe a community of other architects or engineers would be interested to use it and make it better. that is why this site and its blog exist.

beware, you have to know a bit about keynotes in revit, dynamo and excel to use it and shape it to your needs.

the basic principle of this set of tool is to export data from revit family parameters to excel and the other way around. since some objects can’t get new parameters and calculations of quantitie is not always possible, a set of “substitute” elements are added and linked to those objects. they form the Standardist library.

the house sketched in the example is inspired by a set of houses built in renac (fr) and designed by jean paul réhault in the 1980’s.

Standardist is free. that’s why there might be flaws in the code ! it might be updated once or twice a year.  known flaws / warnings will be depicted with each release.

Standardist 1.0  released on 14th august 2017
Standardist 1.1  released on 22th august 2017
Standardist 2.0 released on 12th february 2018

david crambert